Your holidays in Health and Safety protocol in place. Health is not negotiable.

Your holidays in Health and Safety protocol in place. Health is not negotiable.

Cleanliness has always been very important to us but now it is even more important. We are aware that proper cleaning accompanied by adequate disinfection can be an effective weapon to preserve everyone's health.

For this reason, we would like to let our future guests know that Casa Podere Monti is committed to adopting an extraordinary protocol, following the directives of the highest Italian and international authorities regarding infectious diseases.

*This protocol could be subject to future changes based on developments and informations provided to us by medical science.

CLEANING AND DISINFECTION OF SURFACES AND OBJECTS :The cleaning of all surfaces, floors and all objects / utensils inside the accommodation will be subjected to cleaning and disinfection. As everyone knows, cleaning is the mechanical removal of dirt by means of cloths and sponges with special detergent. Disinfection takes place through the use of chemicals to kill germs. Cleaning + disinfection significantly reduce the risk of infection.

AIR and SURFACES DISINFECTION:Each room of the accommodation will be subjected to ambience disinfection at the departure of the previous guest. The disinfection will be carried out by means of a germicidal disinfectant product +Ozono machine which guarantee a very high disinfectant action with a wide spectrum of action against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

WASHING THE LINEN: the linen supplied (towels, sheets, mattress covers) will be washed at high temperatures (60 / 90C °) to eliminate any fungus, bacteria and viruses.

THE ORDER: we realize that there are objects that cannot be properly disinfected or replaced at each departure and for this reason we will reduce the presence of non-functional decorations inside the accommodation (e.g. decorative cushions, knick-knacks, doilies ).