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Traditional Tuscan Recipes & Local Restaurants

Traditional Tuscan Recipes & Local Restaurants

Traditional Tuscan Recipes are of humble cooking traditions. Here at Casa Podere Monti you can enjoy a real Tuscany gourmet holidays. It will be a pleasure to discover the recipes of our region and the high quality products it has to offer. 

Keep on reading to know the most delicious Tuscan recipes and restaurants in Casole d'Elsa where you can try ...

This page is dedicated to recipes and restaurants of Tuscany, specifically in our area. Everyone who has ever been to Tuscany has fallen in love with its history, landscapes, art, architecture and its FOOD!Tourists will have discovered that the Tuscan food they know from back home does not taste, and even look, the same in Tuscany. And second, once you've tasted some of the dishes in Tuscany, you'll want to discover what makes them particularly good, or where to eat them, so that you can recreate that dish once you're back home. In the cooking classes at Casa Podere Monti we try to share some of the more traditional recipes from Tuscany.

Where to eat in Casole d' Elsa?

Osteria del Caffè Casolani: This is a really excellent place, in the bar along the main street going towards the castle/town hall in Casole d'Elsa . Chris and her husband Sirio , cook a set menu of delicious local Tuscan dishes for a fixed price. A particular attention is given to the season vegetables , local meats and cheeses. Very famous are the " pici alle briciole" , " pappa al pomodoro with leeks"  and the " peposo alla fornacina" . The atmosphere is warm and authentic. Every summer since 15 years Osteria del Caffè Casolani organizes a jazz festival called " jazz divino " with the best musicians in the national scene and beyond. Tel. 0039 (0) 577 948 733

 jazz divino osteria del caffè casolani

Trattoria Pizzeria il Porrina : Down a little alleyway opposite the first square you reach along the main street in Casole Trattoria Pizzeria il Porrina. The two sisters Ilenia and Rachele manage with great passion their small restaurant. Here you'll find simple local cooking at its best with authentic atmosphere. Start with a plate of bruschette with local salami and ham , then a nice portion of tagliatelle or a steak! For dinner you can order also a tasty pizza ( classical or black!). The choice with desserts won't lack. Just 1 km from Casa Podere Monti. Closed on Wednesday,in summer period always open. Tel.+39 (0) 577 948 259



Ti Garba? Pizzeria and Take Away : Along the main road in Casole you can find Pizzeria 'Tigarba?' for excellent pizza slices or entire round pizza. Francesca, the young owner is the jack of all trades and she will prepare a tasty pizza that you can choice between many options . The pizzas can be prepared with 3 different type of doughs : Tuscan Classical crunchy pizza , hand rolled out dough , 100% whole wheat flour without yeast.  You can order and take away or in summer it is possible to seat at the tables outside and eat there. Closed on Wednesday. Tel. 0039 (0) 577 948 045

pizzeria tigarba casole d'elsapizza ti garba casole d'elsa

Dal Brigante Ristorante Pizzeria :

Little restaurant -pizzeria with amazing panoramic terrace immersed in the magical atmosphere of the the old village. Located next to the Lucchetti square. That restaurant has a panoramic terrace from where you can see the whole Elsa valley. Good for a dinner with typical dishes of the region or for a pizza. Tel 0039 (0) 948 776. Closed on Monday.

terrace dal brigante pizza casolecasole dal brigante pizzeriadal brigante ristorante pizzeria casole d'elsa



Osteria del Borgo di Mensano :Worthy of note is the small restaurant "Osteria del Borgo" in the center of Mensano,a small hamlet 10 min from Casole. Here are cooked specialties of the traditional Tuscan cuisine  completely detached  from increasingly frequent tourist menus. Entirely family-run. We suggest you to book in advance. Closed on Thursday. In summer always open. Tel. 0039 (0) 577 963 911






"Tipiche Tentazioni" is a a special shop near Casole d'elsa,along the road that connects Casole to the little hamlet of Pievescola. Here Caterina manages her place like an art collecionist of tasty Tuscan products. Local cheeses,ham, many types of Tuscan salami and a nice choice of wines. For Casa Podere Monti guests she will prepare a free teasting of cheeses, salami and wines. Closed on Monday. Address on Google Maps  Just 10 min drive from Casa Podere Monti.


Tuscan Recipes

Patrizia's Pappa al Pomodoro


This recipe comes from recipes book of our family and this the way we prepare this thick bread and tomato soup, a classic Tuscan favorite for children and adults. Ingredients for 4:

500 g peeled tomatoes (chopped)
250 g (about 1/2 lb) stale bread , cut into very small pieces 1 liter broth (vegetable of course)
4 cloves of garlic minced very very thin
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

Leave the bread in a bowl and pour the broth ( better if warm) over it, cover and set aside for at least 1 hour.

Over the heat and in a wide pot, pour the oil and sauté the garlic. Add the tomatoes in pieces and a dash of salt and pepper. Simmer for about 15 minutes. Add the bread, squeezing with your hand as you do so to eliminate the excess broth.

Cook for at least 15 minutes, stirring every so often with a wooden spoon. Serve warm, adding a bit of fresh cut basil and a bit of olive oil on top. If in summer you can serve it cool with a small amount of mozzarella cheese or burrata.


Ribollita is an old Tuscan recipe born to reuse leftover material.  Ribollita it means reboiled and it  is a bread-thickened vegetable soup.